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The hotel selected for the conference is the hotel Al Mansour (4 stars) for which the prices were negotiated because during the summer the seaside hotels are in great demand and the prices double during the summer season compared to the price announced on the site. It was chosen for its comfort and to facilitate the movements towards the different places of the conference. This is a brand new hotel that just opened a few months ago. For reasons of logistics and security it is imperative to reserve a room in this hotel during the 4 days of the conference.

In the registration form, you choose the type of room and you pay two nights as a deposit. The balance will be paid before May 31 to the account of CIEAEM 70.


Kind of bedroom


Number of people

PRICE per room

Descriptive of the rooms




50.00 euros

2 separate beds




60.00 euros

3 separate beds




60.00 euros

1 double bed plus a living room

Junior Suites



75.00 euros

1 bedroom a queen bed more

a separate living room




80.00 euros

1 bedroom with a double bed,a large living room,

plus a room with 2 separate beds

NB: Buffet dinner or lunch: 15 €


Informations for the participants


Hour and weekend

Algeria is an hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT + 1)


In Algeria the weekend is Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a working day.



The official currency in Algeria is the Algerian dinar. The official exchange is 130 dinars for about 1 euro. A currency exchange is provided at the conference venue.

The majority of credit cards are accepted, but extremely little used. Cash is preferred in most stores, especially the smaller ones.


The conference is a non-smoking event. In Algeria smoking is prohibited in public buildings, restaurants, bars and cafeterias

Visa and Responsibilities

And insurance

To obtain the visa of entry in Algeria you will need an invitation of the local committee and a certificate of your insurance indicating that it covers well the expenses of repatriation if necessary as well as photographs (to see the details on the site of the Consulate or of the Algerian Embassy of your country). The Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will grant free courtesy visas (usually 85 euros) with priority delivery.

So that the local committee can establish the invitations and the courtesy visa application you will be asked to send expressly to the copy of your passport whose validity must be at least 6 months before your arrival.

Please also specify your place of residence so that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can send the acceptance of the courtesy visa to the Consulate or Embassy you depend on. Be sure to include your name in the file name of your scanned document.

A certificate will be sent to you. If you come accompanied you will have to do the same for your companions.

Mobile phones


The international calling code for Algeria is +213. Please consult your mobile provider regarding international and local rates for Algeria. It is often easier to get an Algerian chip at the airport to take a copy of the necessary passport when buying. The cost for a chip, internet and calls varies depending on the desired package. It takes about 20 to 25 euros.

Come to Mostaganem

The nearest airport is Oran. Three airlines serve Algeria: Air France, Air Algeria and Aigle Azur and some low cost airlines (Vueling for example) provide from Spain among other flights to Oran. There are flights from most European capitals. We can also go through Algiers and then take an internal flight to Oran or take the train to Algiers which in 4:30 takes to Oran. Price first class ticket (very comfortable and safe) around 10 euros. This may be a possibility for those who wish to visit Algiers before or after the conference.

From Oran coach shuttles will be set up. It will be necessary for us to communicate as soon as you know them your schedules of arrival and departure at the airport of Oran or the station of Oran to the address :

From Marseille or Spain it is also possible to come by boat.


Participants who have difficulties to travel to Oran from their place of origin can take a flight to Algiers and there our partner in Algeria takes care of welcoming them and taking them to Oran by bus or car. It will just tell us on your place, day and time of arrival.


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