"Mathematics and living together": Why, How, What?

The proceedings of the conference are online.

The CIEAEM was created in 1950 just after the Second World War by mathematicians, psychologists, teachers from many devastated and war-ravaged countries in Europe, all faced with major difficulties in the teaching of mathematics, reconstruction of society and even entire countries : lack of teachers, materials, and many refugees, displaced persons and orphans.
From the beginning the founders of  CIEAEM tried to restore the « Living together » by working with German teachers and mathematicians and in 1953 the meeting of the Commission took place in Germany in Calw.

The current situation in the world has several points in common with that of the post-war period, and Europe is confronted with problems quite similar to those at the time of the creation of CIEAEM. Living together has become a necessity. It is a challenge for education in general and the teaching of mathematics in particular.

What is "living together"?

To live together is to do together : how can we rethink mathematical education for a “better living together” ?
Can mathematics courses not be an opportunity to confront mathematical thinking and / or to learn by exchanging between pupils, pupils and professors, between teachers, mathematics and also the art of living together? to evolve together through speech and reasoning?



This Congress is also part of the International Day of Living Together in Peace decreed by the UN unanimously 193 Member States and will be celebrated on May 16 of each year.

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